NAME celebrates student design with virtual industry showcase

The Naval Architecture and Marine Engineering program hosted its annual Student Design Celebration, showcasing the culmination of MEng students’ two terms of study to an online audience of industry members and alumni.

As part of their final course, NAME students do a computer-aided ship design project bringing together the knowledge from all their previous courses to create a fully-realized vessel design. Working to fill the criteria of a ship brief, students must make their design fit the needs of their client, assess the performance and feasibility of their design, as well as do a cost analysis, much like they would when designing a real ship. Teams are matched with industry mentors, who provide practical insight to their designs. This year’s teams designed a Brazilian Ferry that would transport people and vehicles on a multi-day trip down the Amazon river, and a hydrogen powered Zero-Emission Ferry meant to run between several of BC’s Gulf Islands.

In the Student Design Celebration, the student teams presented their designs and vessel analysis to members of the professional marine community, including industry members from multiple British Columbian shipbuilding companies. During the Q&A session after each presentation, students answered technical questions from the audience. After the showcase, the audience voted on their favourite ship design, to decide the the winning presentation.  This year result was a tie and both teams will receive an award.  The team members were:

Brazilian Ferry
Doug Prisnie
Prabhjyot Singh
Sudeep Vijayan
Zero-Emission Ferry
Alice Brais
Madeline Odegaard
Joel Pacas

The second time the event has been hosted virtually due to the COVID-19 pandemic, 2021’s celebration took place on REMO, a platform that allowed industry members to network with each other and with the presenting students, in a closer approximation of the program’s traditional industry dinner.

The Naval Architecture and Marine Engineering program would like to thank this year’s Professional Advisory Committee and our 2021 Mentors for their guidance to our program and mentorship of our students:

Dan McGreer
Hans Muhlert
Chris Mulder
Tony Armstrong
Simon Barlas
Dr. Steve Feng
Richard Greenwood
Dr. Bernard Laval
Heather MacDonald
Aaron Malek
Philip McCarter
Ann Mellema
Dr. Dave Michelson
Chris Mulder
Peter Noble
Mark Oakes
Bruce Paterson
Ben Thompson

Congratulations to both teams on their winning designs, and on their successful presentations!