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Naval Architecture & Marine Engineering (NAME) at UBC is an interdisciplinary, industry-focused program that trains students in the design and construction of ships and other structures in the marine environment while contributing to engineering innovation through applied research that directly benefits industry partners and the broader sector. The Marine Systems Initiative (MSI) has introduced content and research programs specifically designed to create highly-qualified electrical and shipboard systems engineers for the shipbuilding and industrial marine sector.

Research Programs:

The Master of Applied Science (MASc) and the Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) are thesis-based programs designed for engineers wishing to pursue research. Candidates interested in topics related to Naval Architecture and Marine Engineering should contact potential supervisors from the program team. Graduates will qualify for a MASc or PhD in a related engineering discipline such as Civil Engineering, Electrical & Computer Engineering, or Mechanical Engineering.

Professional Programs:

The Master of Engineering in Naval Architecture (MEng NAME) offers comprehensive and innovative curriculum with material drawn from Mechanical, Civil, Electrical, Computer and Materials Engineering, and instruction by both leading researchers and industry professionals. Students leave the program prepared for immediate and stimulating work in a vital and growing industry.

TheĀ Master of Engineering Leadership (MEL NAME) is for professionals who wish to develop their careers by enhancing their expertise. This program includes business and leadership training to train the project managers and future industry leaders in the sector. Candidates should have three or more years of industry experience.

Boat Moving Fast

1 Year Program

The program involves 8 months of intensive coursework that focuses on the design, construction, maintenance and operation of waterborne vehicles.


Internship Placement

Eligible students will have the opportunity to complete a 4-month internship at a marine-related company or agency.


Industry Engagement

Industry is engaged in all aspects of the program, from curriculum development to project mentorship, to ensure that students get the right education for the jobs that await them.

We want to attract passionate students from a variety of engineering disciplines and provide them with the best instruction available, and access to the best design tools, so they can lead the marine sector into the 21st century.

– Jon Mikkelsen, Program Director

Student Experience


“Getting a chance to be a part of the NAME program at UBC was a great experience. Having small size classes, a close knit group of students and interesting courses with extra support from the professors and staff were only some of the advantages. The chance to get an internship in the industry was an added bonus as it provided working experience and contacts.”


“The final design project is one of the most valuable aspects of the program. It gives you a chance to learn from, and collaborate with, industry leaders. You cannot put a price tag on that.”


“The program was intense and focused on practical applications of theory. The courses were designed very well by experienced and knowledgeable instructors.”

Dan (Industry mentor)

“Working on a realistic ship design project is a great way for students to learn about the ship design process and learn to work together as a team. It is a tremendous experience for their careers.”