Thriving Maritime City

Study in one of the most beautiful cities in the world, home of the 4th biggest port and one of the main shipyards in North America.

Students studying at UBC benefit from Canada’s investment in local shipbuilding; Vancouver’s many marine-related companies and firms; and the university’s close relationship with key members of industry locally, nationally, and internationally.

Increasing investment

In 2010, the Government of Canada announced the National Shipbuilding Procurement Strategy (NSPS), a C$38-billion investment to fund the production of 28 new large vessels for the Royal Canadian Navy and the Canadian Coast guard, as well as more than 100 smaller vessels. Seaspan Shipyards in Vancouver was awarded the non-combat contracts, amounting to C$8 billion of the investment, and has recently undergone a C$170 million renovation and expansion project to prepare for the new work. The NSPS is expected to create 75 million hours of work and 15,000 jobs annually in Canada over the next 30 years.

Canada’s largest marine transportation company and most modern shipyard

Seaspan ULC is Canada’s largest marine transportation company, with the largest and most diversified barge fleet in North America (Industry Canada). It is the parent company of the three Seaspan Shipyards, all located in British Columbia: Vancouver Shipyards, Vancouver Drydock, and Victoria Shipyards. These shipyards engage in vessel new construction, maintenance and repair. As a result of their C$170M modernization project, completed in November 2014, Vancouver Shipyards has transformed into one of the world’s most modern shipyards, with the following brand new facilities:

  • Sub Assembly Shop with modern equipment
  • Panel Shop with panel line
  • Block Assembly Shop
  • Pre-Outfitting Shop
  • Paint and Blast Shop
  • 300 tonne permanent Gantry crane over erection berth

Seaspan provides annual shipyard tours for NAME students and is committed to taking interns and hiring full-time employees from our program.

One of the most liveable cities in the world

At UBC, you will enjoy a superb campus in one of the planet’s truly spectacular regions. Vancouver is one of the most livable cities in the world, with a temperate climate for outdoor activities, clean parks, a vibrant arts and cultural scene and a welcoming, diverse population. Vancouver is also a beautiful maritime location with a strong industry presence in the areas of ship design, construction, and maintenance, making it the perfect place for anyone interested in marine structures.

Canada, one of the most respected countries in the world

Even if you don’t live here, you probably already have a positive impression of Canada—a beautiful country with a peaceful, progressive society that welcomes all ethnicities, nationalities and creeds into its cultural fabric. Did you know that Canada is also a major world power in academic research and that Canadian-trained researchers and professionals are in top academic, industry and public sector positions all over the world? It’s no wonder that Canadian universities are attracting more and more top international scholars every year. By choosing UBC you are joining the world’s leading edge of graduate education.