Schedule & Courses


Students in the MEng NAME program require a minimum of 33 credits of coursework, which includes a 3-credit capstone design project and a 3-credit internship. Although the program has a large core with limited flexibility, up to 6 credits may be approved for core course equivalents taken prior to admission, allowing for streamlined entry and limited room for constrained electives (must be approved by Program Director).

The courses for MEng NAME program will be published in mid-August, and more information related to course schedule will be sent to admitted students at that time. Students should register in both Term 1 and Term 2 courses by the end of August. Students who have taken core course equivalents prior to admission should contact to request approval for chosen electives and a customized timetable.

The following core courses make up the 33-credit course-load of the program.  (In the following, numbers in parentheses indicate credit value.)

Term 1

MECH 488 (3 CR) Introduction to Ship Hydrodynamics

Domain: Mechanical

Ship terminology, lines plans, ship hydrostatics, transverse and longitudinal stability of ships, dimensional analysis, ship resistance prediction; ship propulsion methods, propeller selection and design. [Syllabus]

CIVL 435 (3 CR) Advanced Structural Analysis

Domain: Civil

Analysis of beams and plates in marine vessels, in elastic and elasto-plastic regime. Torsion of thin-walled structures. Buckling of columns, plates and stiffened panels. Introduction to the finite element method, and use in the analysis of marine vessels.

NAME 524 (3 CR) Shipbuilding Project Management

Domain: Project Management

Terminology; planning; scheduling; budgeting and cost accounting; risk management; quality control; shipbuilding applications. [Syllabus]

NAME 578 (3 CR) Marine Engineering

Domain: Mechanical

Marine propulsion systems; ship engines; shafting; ship vibrations; on-board systems (piping, HVAC, electrical); advanced propulsion systems.

NAME 581 (3 CR) Ship Design

This course introduces the ship design process from a Systems Engineering point of view.  Students learn how to translate Owner’s Requirements into optimal ship characteristics.

Corequisite: All of NAME 578, MECH 488, CIVL 437 and one of NAME 524, APPP 501.

Term 2

NAME 501 (3 CR) Advanced Ship Structures

Domain: Civil

Pressure hull design; finite element analysis applications; classification rules; ice and ice loads; dynamic loads including slamming, risk and reliability.
Prerequisite:  CIVL 437 or equivalent

NAME 502 (3 CR) Advanced Ship Hydrodynamics

Domain: Mechanical

Advanced ship resistance; boundary layers; propeller design; numerical methods in hydrodynamics; advanced marine vehicles; ocean waves; cavitation; ship vibration. Includes a laboratory component involving a wave/towing tank and CFD project. [Syllabus]
Prerequisite:  MECH 488 or equivalent

NAME 522 (3 CR) Ship Production and Industrial Engineering

Domain: Industrial

Build strategy; shipyard layout and equipment; manufacturing techniques; outfitting and painting techniques; material properties; corrosion; welding; fatigue; composite materials. [Syllabus]

NAME 566 (3 CR) Ship Dynamics and Control

Domain: Control

Equations of motion; ocean wave spectrums, response amplitude operators; seakeeping; maneuvering; stability; dynamic positioning. [Syllabus]

NAME 591 (3CR) Computer-Aided Ship Design Project

A capstone design project designed to give students experience in the preliminary design of a special purpose ship. Students work individually and in teams, using advanced design software and databases, to design a vessel according to specified criteria.

Prerequisite: All of NAME 581, NAME 578.
Corequisite: All of NAME 502, NAME 522, NAME 501, NAME 566.

Term 3

NAME 592 (3 CR) Shipbuilding Internship or Project

Students complete a twelve- to sixteen-week internship at a marine-related company or agency.* Duties may include technical analysis, participation on a design and/or production team, and field work. Final report and presentation required.

Prerequisite: All of NAME 501, NAME 502, NAME 522, NAME 524, NAME 566, NAME 578, NAME 591.

* Note: The Engineering Co-op Office provides coaching and support to students seeking internships and strives to find internship opportunities for all students. The Co-op Program has been very successful thus far; however, hiring decisions are ultimately up to the companies and the department cannot guarantee that all students will be hired. Students are welcome and encouraged to search for intern positions on their own as well.