The internship is an enormously valuable experience for students, and one of the main things that attracts students to our program.  A large number of students have secured internships through the support of the Engineering Co-op Office, with many of those positions turning into long-term, full-time employment.

The department and the Co-op Office are dedicated to fostering positive relationships between our students and the industry, and this means maintaining a commitment to (1) only place students in relevant and rewarding positions (no fetching coffee!), and (2) only send students into industry when they are ready and able to do an outstanding job in the field. Students therefore undergo a rigorous training and evaluation process to ensure that they are both highly capable engineers and well-rounded professionals ready for the workplace.

More information on internship prerequisites and requirements can be found in the course descriptions here.

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We take great care to prepare our students for the workplace, and to ensure that the companies who hire our students find the best match for their needs. If your company is interested in participating in our internship program, or receiving additional information, please contact the Engineering Co-op Office at or visit their website at