Estimated Tuition

Estimated tuition for the Master of Engineering in Naval Architecture and Marine Engineering (2019-2020 academic year) is as follows:*

Per instalment (minimum 3 for program, collected in September, January and May)
Continuing fee (assessed after instalment 3)
Domestic $9,200.67 $760.80
International $15,455.53 $15,455.53

* Please note that these numbers are subject to adjustment and UBC reserves the right at any time to change any fees without notice. For more information on tuition and other fees, refer to the Academic Calendar.


Other Expenses

Cost of Living

In addition to tuition fees, full-time students can expect to pay approximately $20,000 per year in living costs. This includes rent, health care, student fees, textbooks, groceries, and entertainment.

The Faculty of Graduate Studies has an online Cost Calculator to help students estimate the total cost of studying at UBC. As professional programs (such as the NAME program) are not under this Faculty, they do not show up on the program list, but you can select any program on the list and then remove the tuition fees to see the estimated living expenses alone.

Graduate Student Fees

All UBC students are assessed student fees. These fees help cover costs of resources available to students.  Most of these fees are mandatory, but some have opt-out provisions. With the exception of AMS/GSS Extended Health Care Fee and iMED fee, all student fees are charged in three installments payable in September, January, and May. Refer to the Academic Calendar for a full list of student fees.


Financial Support

Master of Engineering students are not eligible for Faculty of Graduate Studies awards (such as the University Graduate Fellowship and the national NSERC agency competition). There are however a number of external scholarships available to NAME students, including those offered by SNAME and by the Robert Allan Foundation. NAME Program Administrators can help apprise students of these and other scholarship opportunities.

For domestic students holding a provincial student loan, applications for bursaries are accepted through Enrolment Services. Please see the UBC Student Services website for details.