Student Projects

Student Projects

Over the course of the year, students work on a capstone project designed to give experience in the preliminary design of a ship. Students work individually and in teams, using advanced design software and databases, to design a vessel according to specified criteria. Sample projects from previous years are as follows:


ROPAX Ferry — Low-cost Vessel for Service Between the Islands of Indonesia [Briefing]  [Report]

Green Technology Catamaran Sailboat [Briefing]  [Report]

LNG Bunker Supply Vessel [Briefing]  [Report]


Multi-Purpose Emergency Response Towing Vessel for the Canadian Coast Guard  [Briefing]  [Report]

Universal Design Sailing School Vessel (UDSSV)  [Briefing]  [Report]

Arctic Hydrographic Research Vessel RV ANARIS  [Briefing]  [Report]


Papua New Guinea Trimaran Ferry for World Ferry Safety Association  [Report]  [Appendices]

Arctic Icebreaking Charter Yacht  [Report]  [Appendices]

Offshore Patrol Vessel for the Canadian Coast Guard  [Report]  [Appendices]