NAME welcomes Jasmin Jelovica, Seaspan Shipyards Chair in Naval Architecture and Marine Engineering

The NAME program is proud to welcome Jasmin Jelovica, our newest member to the team and our first Seaspan Shipyards Chair. Jelovica joins us from Aalto University, Finland where he received his Doctor of Science and went on to become a lecturer in ship design. He is also a member of International Ships and Offshore Structures Congress.

Jelovica’s long term goal is to help in enabling sustainable use of resources in the marine industry. At the moment, this is directed to advanced structures and production methods for ship construction. His research involves understanding and modelling failures of structural members and ship’s hull girders in a marine environment. One of Jelovica’s wishes is to see larger use of advanced structures and materials in ships, such as sandwich panels. He believes one of the requirements for this is the creation of effective tools to assess their mechanical properties. Some of his other research areas are using computer simulations and novel optimization tools in the design of ships.

In addition to conducting research at UBC, Jelovica will be teaching one of NAME’s core courses, NAME 501 (Advanced Ship Structures) as well as MECH 487/CIVL 437 (Introduction to Ship Structures). Jelovica’s previous teaching experience focused on the structural assessment of ships. He believes that the key to good education is a respectful and relaxed, yet engaging and supportive classroom atmosphere.